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Discover the power to download ANY video or audio from the web with Software from Applian Technologies.

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Replay Capture Suite
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Replay AV 8
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Replay Music
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Replay Media Catcher
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Screen Reader User Notes

Vista Users FAQs
Read your application's user guide. Press alt+h for the help menu and choose user guide. Works for most Applian applications.
Use your TAB keyboard key to navigate the main interface.
Use ONLY the spacebar keyboard key to activate a button. Do not use your ENTER keyboard key.
When focused on a listview box and with an item (radio station's call letters) selected use your context menu keyboard key to activate a right click to bring up the context menu popup options list. Some refer this as the applications keyboard key and it is located to the left of your right control keyboard key.

Replay AV 8.80 If you cannot find the URL Finder utility after running it with a stream use insert+F10, locate the URL Finder in the list and tab one time to 'switch to' and press enter key. The URL Finder will now be in Focus again.

For Window-Eyes Users With Replay AV 8 use alt+f, alt+s, alt+r, alt+t, alt+h for the menus. Do not use alt and then right arrow. In each pulldown you will encounter duplicate items with the same name and to choose the correct item press enter keyboard key on the item that contains the accelerator letter shortcut. That is do not use the item that does not show the shortcut letter.

Replay Media Catcher 3.11 This only applies if you are using Microsoft's Vista Operating System along with Internet Explorer browser and User Account Control is set to ON.
you will need to install Mozilla Firefox browser in order to capture with Replay Media Catcher. The Firefox browser must be your default browser. You will need to install the Flash Player from specifically made for Firefox browser. The 'launch browser' option within Replay Media Catcher's Record menu bar will not work if you have Internet Explorer 8 with UAC set to ON as the website content will be invisible with JAWS screen reader.

If you want to use Internet Explorer 8 browser with Replay Media Catcher 3.11 then turn OFF your User Account Control settings.

Replay Telecorder for Skype The current version is not accessible. Will update when it becomes accessible.


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The following Applian software programs are accessible with JAWS 11 & Window-Eyes 7.01.
Replay AV 8.81
Windows Vista Operating System
If the Replay Media Guide's website content is invisible when you launch it within Replay AV 8.80 Tools Menu then choosing Media Guide then you must set to OFF your User Account Control settings in order for the Guide website contents to be visible.
Replay Converter 4
Comes bundled with Replay AV 8.81
Replay Converter 3
Replay Music 3.95
Vista Operating System Users
Website page contents launched is invisible in normal condition. Press 'start recording button with spacebar keyboard key. In the dialog properties choose 'open website ..." with spacebar. To view the website page contents you will have to turn off User Account Control within Vista operating system if the website pages are invisible for you.
Replay Media Catcher 4
Replay Media Catcher 3.11
Vista Operating System Users
If the below steps reveals an invisible website.
Press alt key then right arrow one time, down arrow to 'start recording' press enter key to activate the recording process. Press alt key and right arrow one time, then down arrow and choose 'launch browser'.
Turn OFF User Account Control
YouSendIT Express
Use the YouSendIt Application that's on your Desktop.
Applian FLV Player
Works well.
requires the use of keyboard shortcuts.
Use ctrl+o & alt+F4 as an example.
Replay Telecorder for Skype
fixes coming soon - do not download yet.
When you are done using any of the Applian Technologies products make sure you turn back to ON the User Account Control setting for your computer.
Turning ON or OFF User Account Control
Close all running programs including Applian's software.
Choose Control Panel, User Account control, tab to the link that reads 'turn on or off", spacebar, then either check or uncheck the box and choose ok. A restart your computer message will appear. Restart your computer.

The following are not accessible.
Replay Video Capture
Replay Player
Replay Media Splitter


By Mike Pietruk

Regular Replay AV users take for granted just how easy it is to record stations and programs on a repeated or one time basis, regardless of the stream type of the station or stream. With RAV running continuously programmed to record specific streams at specific times on my pc, , I don't concern myself as having missed something as RAV has recorded and saved it for me. While my most frequent use of RAV is recording Christian ministry broadcasts or live service streams that are not available either via podcast or website archives, there are 2 other valuable abilities in the program that I particularly value. The first is its built-in "url finder" which can find those sometime elusive urls for streams that I wish to bookmark for later listening. The second is RAV's "tuner" which allows one to quickly flip from station to station regardless of stream type or location about as quickly as with a car radio's built-in presets.

By Mr. Hap Holly
Skype Conversation with Hap

For a blind user like myself, Replay AV is a most accessible program. I am currently using it to archive the real-time Internet stream from 24/7 in 64 KBPS MP3 format. After five days the oldest files are deleted. What a great program!

By Bob C. in California

Does your streaming leave you screaming? Do your flv files give you flack? Are you at a loss about lossless content? Don't know a rar from a wav? Does your IPOD give you indigestion?

Then Replay Music is the answer. Created with accessibility in mind, Replay Music easily solves all these questions. If you can hear it, Replay Music will clear it. From WMV to MP3, Replay Music gets the Grammy for it's powerful recognition and capture capability. From Face Book to You Tube, you'll get flawless digital files of your favorite clips and tunes.

Replay Music can provide Artist Track and Album information on thousands of current selections. Building a music library has never been easier.

Who knew that a program like Replay Music could be so much fun to use? And best of all, it's completely legal-no catches. And no subscription fees.

I love what Applian has done with this product. It's a breeze to use! Like a tiny tape recorder on your C drive, Replay Music converts and saves. You'll get a folder of each day's efforts ready to access and review. Talk Radio Fans will like the way Replay Music interfaces with streaming audio from internet radio stations.

Replay music is the choice for me. So don't Record a Total Mess. GET REPLAY MUSIC AND GET THE BEST !

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