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Applian Technologies Affiliate API

Make Extra Money from your Video Download Site

If you have a site or service which downloads YouTube style video, you can now make money when a particular site cannot be downloaded! Since Applian software can grab video and audio from ANY web site, use our API to get a link which suggests the perfect Applian solution for each customer's request you can't handle. When the customer clicks the link and makes a purchase, you make money. Up to $25 on each click! You can get started in just 10 minutes.

We have built a database of the top video and audio web sites, and have assigned a recommended Applian product which we've tested with each one. Many popular sites use streaming protocols that can't be captured server-side, but there's always an Applian product that can do the job. Instead of disappointing your web site visitors, lead them to a solution, and make extra money too!

When you are unable to download from a particular page, just call our script with the URL and your affiliate ID, and it will return an affiliate link just for you. When your customers click this link and order our software, you make a 25% commission. Our affiliates average over $10 on every sale.

Click here to get source code and see a sample page in action.

How it Works

Call our Solution Finder Script like this:

You would substitute your shareasale affiliate ID into the affiliate_id field, and the URL of the web page you want a recording solution for into the url field. This script returns something like this:

You can download from YouTube using Replay Media Catcher.
Click Here to learn more.

Just insert the results of this call into your Web page, and you're all set. See our sample page for PHP source code.

XML Option

You can also use the action=xml option, which returns an XML document with the name of the solution, links to box shots, and your affiliate link. Here's an example.

Get Started Now

  1. Sign up as an Applian affiliate via Shareasale. You'll get assigned an affiliate ID.
  2. Use the script as described above.
  3. When one of your visitors clicks these links and purchases any Applian product, you make a 25% commission.
  4. Shareasale sends you a check every month.

Note: We can also do a custom script for you. Just ask bill - at - applian - dot - com.

How it's Tracked

In order to generate links and keep track of earnings, we have teamed up with a trusted 3rd party, Shareasale, a well respected company specializing in web-based affiliate networks. At any time, you can log on to their site at, and they will provide you with real-time reporting and information on your monthly commission checks.

Shareasale tracks when customers click on your affiliate links, and if a sale occurs as a result of that link, a commission is credited to your account. This is all done with "hidden pixels" and "cookies". All you need to do is use the proper links - everything else happens automatically.

How do I Join?

It's fast, free and easy - Click Here to Sign Up Now!

Need More Information?

We want to make you money! Please email us if you have questions or need something special to make this affiliate program work better for you.