We have a ton of information on everything Applian on our main Support page. If you're looking for a fast answer, please start there. For everything else...


Contact our Sales team for questions regarding:

  • Pre-purchase Questions
  • Site Licenses
  • Volume Purchases
  • Business Development / Partnerships
  • Press Requests

Technical Support

For product support, pick the product that you need help with below. If you do need to contact a member of our technical support staff for further assistance, we'll be happy to help:


Customer Service

Contact our Customer Service team for help with non-technical issues, such as::

  • Ordering problems
  • Billing questions
  • Returns and Exchanges.
  • Change of email
  • Licensing questions
  • CD orders
  • Coupons
  • Registration codes
  • Any other non-technical problems


Where's Our Phone Number?

Our online help desk allows customers the opportunity to correspond directly with our program developers, on-staff technical experts and customer service representatives. Applian does not provide technical support by phone. This would be incredibly expensive and would increase the cost of our products dramatically. So in effort to keep our products priced low, we provide excellent support via our help desk. An on-staff customer support representative will respond to your questions in less than 24 hours. Please allow a little more time on weekends. We work hard to provide the best possible customer service experience. See what our customers think!