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Replay Converter 9 User Guide

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Adding Files to Convert

You can add files to Replay Converter for conversion in several different ways:

Add Files

You can add as many files as you want.

Selecting a Conversion Setting

Replay Converter's main window includes a conversion settings drop-down menu at the top-left. There you'll find many different conversion presets and options. The conversion settings are sorted by both file format and device manufacturer so that you can quickly and easily find the one that is right for you.

Conversion Presets

You have full control over the preset conversion settings and can create, delete and modify them as you wish.

As new devices and formats are released, we update preset conversion settings on our servers and these are automatically downloaded when you start the application.

To create, delete or edit existing preset conversion settings, see the Conversion Presets section below.

Starting a Conversion Job

Once you've added your file(s) to Replay Converter, simply click the green Convert button at the top-left.

Start Conversion

The Convert button will change to a Stop button. Use this to stop a conversion in process. When the conversion finishes, it will be saved to your selected Output Folder as described in the Settings section below.



Right-click on any file in your conversion list to display these tools:

CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burning

Replay Converter can burn media files to CD's or DVD's. Here's how:

From Replay Converter's top menu click the Burn icon. The CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burning Window opens:

Select the type of disc that you'd like to burn. Make sure there is blank media in your CD/DVD drive. Click Next. Select your CD/DVD Device drive. Click Next. Select the files to burn. Click Next. Select burn options.


Use Replay Converter's Settings tab to personalize it as well as configure settings and options.



Use this screen to choose the following:

  1. Delete to Recycle Bin: will delete to the Bin when On
  2. Enable sound effects when toggled to On
  3. Prompt on Quit: will warn the user before quitting if On
  4. Clear list on exit: if On, will clear the list when the user exists the program
  5. Always on Top: enable to keep Replay Converter window on top of other windows
  6. Tablet mode: when On, Replay Converter will be compatible with tablets
  7. Use IE Proxy settings: when On, will use Internet Explorer proxy settings
  8. Prevent sleep/hibernation: when On, will prevent the PC from going to sleep and hibernation modes
  9. Import into WMP: when On, will import files to Windows Media Player
  10. Import into iTunes: when On, will import files to iTunes
  11. Auto resize columns: when On, the program will automatically adjust column size
  12. Force tablet mode: when On, forces Replay Converter to run in tablet mode
  13. Choose player based on file association: when On, uses the default player for each file type
  14. Display progress alerts when minimized: when On, will display progress alerts even if the main program window is minimized
  15. Minimize to Windows System Tray: when On, Replay Converter will be minimized to system tray

Output folder

Use this tab to configure output folder settings:


When Custom is selected, you can specify the path to the output folder of your choice. This is where converted files will be saved.

In addition to all the standard options, you can choose to connect a cloud folder and make Replay Converter save converted files there. Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive are supported.

Conversion Presets

Use this tab to create and customize various file conversion presets:


To create a new preset, click on the “No Conversion Settings” drop-down menu. You'll be able to create presets either based on file format or based on manufacturer.


Select the output format you want to create the preset for, then customize the settings:


If you'd like to create a preset for playback on a particular device, select the manufacturer and then the device from the drop-down menu:


Naming Rules

Use this tab to create and configure file naming rules:


By default, Replay Converter will try to look up ID3 tags, artwork, and lyrics, and add them to the converted files. Use {title}, {album}, {artist}, {genre}, {trackno}, and {year} to create naming rules.