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Replay Media Catcher for Mac User Guide

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Welcome to Replay Media Catcher for Mac

Replay Media Catcher for Mac brings many of the great features that our PC users have had for years to the Macintosh desktop while maintaining the simplicity that Mac users expect.

main interface

Using Replay Media Catcher for Mac is as easy as clicking the monitoring switch from monitor switch in off positionto monitor switch in on position. Replay Media Catcher for Mac will then monitor your incoming network connections for media. As you surf the internet with your favorite browser, when media is identified, it will be saved.

Overview and Use

Replay Media Catcher for Mac is an easy, yet powerful way to capture video and audio files from thousands of web sites as they play in any web browser. These files can be transferred to smartphones or tablets, burned to a CD or DVD disc, or incorporated into other programs like Keynote or video editors.

Replay Media Catcher locates the web address of the media file, reconnects to the host server, and makes an exact copy of the file on your Mac. Typically, this download process is much faster than actually playing the file. Replay Media Catcher also can make multiple simultaneous connections to further speed up the capture process. For example, download music from Pandora and videos from YouTube at the same time. Once the download process starts, you can close the video or audio player, and the file will continue to be captured.

Note: Some web sites use encryption when streaming video. Replay Media Catcher cannot downloaded these encrypted streams. Other sites require the media to be recorded in realtime.

From top to bottom and left to right, the interface is laid out as follows:

If you right-click on an entry in the saved media listing, you will be presented with additional actions:
right click menu

Preferences: Customizing RMC

The RMC Preferences are accessible via the main menu under Replay Media Catcher -> Preferences....


General settings


Download settings


Conversion settings


Protocol settings

This dialog shows the HTTP content types that Replay Media Catcher recognizes, and what extension it adds to the saved file. You will only need to change this if you are technically savvy, and a new media type is discovered.
These streaming protocols are supported: