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Replay Music for Mac User Guide

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Welcome to Replay Music for Mac

Replay Music for Mac is an easy way to download the music you love from your favorite streaming music sites. Just switch it on and Replay Music will save music files from many popular streaming music sites as they play on your Mac.

These downloaded files can be transferred to other devices like your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or burned to a CD.

Replay Music uses a Music Fingerprinting technology to automatically identify and tag all recorded music files.

Replay Music for Mac

Start Recording

Using Replay Music for Mac is as easy as clicking the monitoring switch from monitor switch in off position to monitor switch in on position.

Replay Music for Mac locates the web address of the music file you are playing, reconnects to the host server, and makes an exact copy of the file on your Mac. Typically, this download process is much faster than actually playing the file. Once the download process starts, you can even close your audio player, and the file will continue to be downloaded.

Note: Some web sites use encryption when streaming audio. Replay Music for Mac cannot downloaded these encrypted streams.

Track Tagging

Replay Music uses the Rovi digital fingerprinting technology to automatically recognize and tag the music you have downloaded. In some cases the track may not be identified by the music database, or you may wish to change the tag. You can easily edit the track tag information from within Replay Music.

tagging in Replay Music for Mac

Here's how to edit the track information:

  1. Click once in the field that you'd like to change. A blue box will appear around it.
  2. Type your desired track, artist or album name.

Note: If you would like to view the file in Finder, simply right-click on the track in your list and select Reveal in Finder.

Send Track(s) to iTunes

There are two ways that Replay Music for Mac can send tracks to your iTunes Music library.

  1. Select a track or tracks then hover your mouse just to the left of the track name. A few icons will appear. Click the icon and the selected track(s) will be added to iTunes. The track status will change to Sent to iTunes.


  2. Or, enabling the Send to iTunes option at the bottom of the interface will send every track to iTunes as each finishes downloading and converting.

Send to iTunes

Play Downloaded Music

There are many ways to play your downloaded music. Here are a few:

  1. Select a track that you would like to play. Hover your mouse just to the left of the track name. A few icons will appear. Click play icon and your track will begin to play. The icon will change to a stop icon. Simply click it to stop playing.


  2. Right-click on the track and select Reveal in Finder. Right-click on the track in Finder and select Open With. Then choose your desired application to play the file.


  3. Open your chosen download location as set in Preferences. Then choose the files to play.


  4. If you've sent your tracks to iTunes (as explained above), find and play your tracks there.


From the Replay Music menu bar, select Replay Music, then Preferences. Here's what you can configure:

General Preferences:

General Preferences

Downloads Preferences:

Downloads Preferences

Conversion Preferences:

Conversion Preferences

Protocols Preferences:

This dialog shows the HTTP content types that Replay Music recognizes, and what extension it adds to the saved file. You will only need to change this if you are technically savvy, and a new media type is discovered.