Our Customers Rave About Our Customer Service

"The service has been spectacular. "

Scott Q.
Klamath Falls, Oregon
"Your technical staff is quite competent and very responsive! Thanks again for your assistance. "

Mark S.
South Pasadena, California
"The program is great, but what impressed me the most was the service you provided. "

Hugo B.
"Thank you very much for your wonderful support, it's incredible. "

Kirpal S.
"Your email help system is amazing. "

Barbarra B.
Fort Collins, CO
"I hold your company in the highest regard as far as customer service goes-- you folks are top notch. Thanks again! "

Raj R.
"Your company is outstanding for prompt, courteous and outstanding customer service. I never hesitate doing business with you! "

Jerry H.
"My decision to purchase your program had as much to do with your quick, accurate, and competent response to my technical question as it did with the software itself. "

Jeff R.
"You guys are great with your prompt response time. "

John W.
"Thank you for your quick help. Your customer service is great just like your product! "

Aaron R.
"This is awesome service. "

Joel R.
"I'm impressed with your company as well as your ability to provide the means / skills needed to resolve the issue. Again, many thanks! "

Gene D.
"Great customer service!!!! "

Nick S.
"Thank you for the technical support , it is nice to see software vendors supporting their products even for trial users. "

Chuck M.
Ontario, Canada
"You exhibited a wonderful example of good customer service, every business could take a valuable lesson from you. "

Steve L.
Charleston, WV
"Your customer service and dedication to your customers is superb!!! So many companies now have poor customer service, it is great to find a company that cares and does the right thing. You will have my business for a long time to come. "

David K.
"Your responsiveness and support have been first rate. "

Kevin M.
"Always prompt support and great service from Applian. "

Tom M.
"What excellent customer service! You have one very happy customer singing the praises of Applian!!!!!! "

Mike P.
"I am a visually impaired person, and I thank you for the extra time and effort you guys have put in to your products to make them accessible for the blind. "

Don S.
"This was the second time that I contacted support for assistance and both times I received fast helpful advice. "

Steve F.
"Thank you,you guys are the greatest.

I am highly recommending your company to all of my friends. "

Steve F.
"You are great at customer service - so rare these days. "

Buckinghamshire , England
"Not only are your products superb, so is your customer service. I cannot speak highly enough of Applian. "

Clarity S.
"You guys are quick to respond, accurate and genuinely interested in customer support. I wish more places were like Applian. "

Bob B.
"I have recommended your products to many of my friends and family. Great Customer Service! "

John E.
Berea, Kentucky
"Your Customer Service has been great, and you're a company that I'd be happy to do business with again. "

Stuart M.
London, England
"You will have me as a customer for life. I will also spread the word to my friends of your positive customer response. "

Bill B.
"In this day and age to find the level of personal service, especially in the electronic world, practiced by your company is refreshing. "

Duke H.
"I must say that I am very impressed with your Help desk Team. In having worked in the IT field for a couple of decades, your efficiency deserves accolades. "

Leon W.
Newfield, NJ
"Thank you!! Your company is a joy to work with. That was the easiest most pain free transaction I have ever experienced. "

John G.
Long Beach, CA
"I can tell any new user that the support is excellent. "

Pierre G.
"Can I nominate you all somewhere for a service responsiveness award?! In all the years I've dealt with you, you have NEVER failed to respond promptly and stick with me until the issue was resolved. From a totally devoted customer and fan, THANKS! "

Penelope R.
"Many thanks for the assistance and very speedy reply. Outstanding service! "

Timothy D.
"The audience is worldwide and the word has spread that yours is the best software. The word will also spread that yours is the best service! "

Jane B.
"I'm so impressed with the level of help you gave me - thank you!! "

Pat B.
Plymouth, England
"WOW! That is the most AWESOME tech support ever! "

"You guys have shown me that there are still companies out there that care about their customers and are willing to go the extra step to help. "

Scott S.
Verone, Wisconsin
"I continue to be impressed by the high quality of customer support demonstrated by Applian. I wish every software producer had the same ethic. "

Jerry M.
New York
"Keep up the great work! It really is a pleasure to run across a company that does things as well as Applian does. "

Robert S.
"You offer one hell of a service! Your speed of response has got to be the best that I get anywhere! I am astounded! Not only that - your technical explanations are always brilliant with no gobblety gook! Where DO you get service like this today? "

"I want to tell you that dealing with your company has been an absolute delight. From my first steps with Replay Media Catcher when your tech dept led me through the use of it. Thank you and all those who work with you for the high level of professionalism you demonstrate and for the customer Service - with a capital S. "

John H.
"I can see why a lot of the software sites and forums I visit just rave about your products and company. I've been dealing with technical and support people for 35 years in my job as a Broadcast Engineer and you folks definitely do it right !! "

Bob S.
Tampa, Fl
"Thank You Guys So MUCH! And I really appreciate your customer support. Not something I'm used to when dealing with software companies. It makes a big difference to me, it's why I'll stay with Applian. "

John F.
Celina, Ohio
"Thanks for you your VERY QUICK response.

I tell all my friends about your product, and now I can add "stellar customer service and response" to my praises."

Steven S.
North Kingstown, RI
"Thank you for your excellent customer service. I really appreciate all of your assistance and your promptness. While Replay AV 8.5 didn't work out for my current recording needs, I am still very impressed with your company and all of you."

Chantal B.
Baie d'Urfe, Quebec, Canada
"Thank you for the prompt refund you gave me. It says a lot about your company. I will keep checking in to see your new software. Thank you for your service."

Jason W.
"Thank you for the unbelievably quick response. I will tell all of my friends about your products. Thanks again. "

Daniel H.
Pittsburgh, PA
"I really appreciate your reply. Great to know in these troubled times there are reputable companies. "

Fin G.
Dudley,West Midlands, UK
"I really appreciate your efforts and response, thank you. Its nice to know that there are still some people in this world that care about customer service and you are one of them. Again, THANK YOU!"

Eugene C.
Arlington, Texas
"I just want to say " Brilliant". I do a lot of teleconferencing and video, and the voice reproduction through my speakers is again brilliant. The video is easy to work with and I can see I will get a lot of use out of this toolbar. "

Keith W. http://Instant.Bigmlmsecrets.com
Perth, Australia
"I totally love your products. I had to record a band live on radio with 15 minutes notice. I found your application, downloaded it, installed it and was ready to record the band with 5 minutes to spare. Absolutely incredible. "

Susan F.
Edinburgh Scotland
"VERY impressed with your level of service !!!!!!!"

Phill M.
Cape Town, South Africa
"I was amazed that, after reformatting my hard drive to switch from Vista to XP, that Applian allowed me to use the same code I had already purchased on my new operating system! I held my breath as I typed the used code after installing Replay Music onto my new OS, and it just made my day that I was able to transfer it over. I was almost certain that I had lost it and, to be honest, I was not sure this little-known company's customer service would be very much help. Well I was wrong! Thanks everyone at Applian; I wish you all the best! "

Andrew K.
Hershey, PA
"Thank you very much for your lightning-fast reply. I think you've set a new customer service speed record :-) You've got an excellent product and speedy, helpful customer support so I can promise that you will be my recommendation should I receive any inquiries (which is highly likely)."

Ian B.
Hampton, VA
"I refuse to go about my tasks for the day without first complimenting your office on such a prompt and courteous reply. This is the most prompt reply I've ever received in all my years of computing dealing with an ignorant mistake...on my part. You've begun the correction process without having to exchange numerous messages that sometimes could lead to over a several month period for which I am grateful."

Donald S.
Oshkosh, WI
"I wish I could get the same type of support from the other programs I have as you provide. You are the best, 100x more efficient than the others. Thanks again. "

Pendleton, Oregon
"Thanks for your prompt attention. I can say I have never had such good service anywhere. I say well done Applian staff! "

Bob W,
"Thank you all very much for a very speedy resolve to the problem experienced in trying to use your product. For me, it is how well a company sorts a problem out which is a true measure of customer service - outstanding response that I shall remember. "

Douglas D.
United Kingdom
"I was very happy that your toolbar worked as promised.

Thank you for creating it, and an even bigger thank you for the *price*. "

"Thanks for you almost instantaneous response. This doesn't always happen when dealing with folks over the Internet. Case should be closed. Thanks, again."

Laurel, Maryland
"Thanks for your very prompt responses, even on the weekend. I am impressed with your product and your company."

"Your products and customer service are outstanding, and you should be very proud of your company."

Earl G.
Phoenix, Arizona
"Astonishing tech support! I inquired regarding the simultaneous use of two of your products to get both good video and top quality audio at the same time. You did a ton of documented work and in effect turned two perfectly good Volkswagens into one splendid Rolls Royce. I didn't think any company could give that kind of service. "

Damon P.
Chile, South America
"What terrific customer service....I truly have never had a better exchange --with any of my other purchases from varied companies. You gave me exactly all the facts I need to make decision that will best suit me."

Doug P.
"EXCELLENT customer service and timely responses!"

Jeff S.
Hickory, NC
"Wow - thanks for the quick solution.

Please pass this reply on to anyone to tell them how great the service was! "

Derek D.
Augusta, GA
"Thank you for your prompt replies and your ability to use 'real words' (and not some sort of computer jargon that I wouldn't understand) to help me out. Thanks Again"

Bob W.
"I am truly grateful for all the help you've given. I have to say that from my experiences of using your products over the years, your customer service and technical knowledge is the best I have ever found anywhere - Internet or local shops. I can't express enough happy I am to be an Applian customer. Thanks again."

Laurence Parker-Foord
Bishop Auckland,Durham, United Kingdom
"Thank you very for much a quick turn around.

Now I can brag that your customer service is just as superior as your products."

Peter B.
"The customer service I have received is truly awesome. I very much appreciate the help you have given me. If I hear of someone needs any of your products, I will recommend you and your products. Having wonderful customer service is a great promoter. Getting help like that is truly valuable, especially when a person spends hours working with something and the frustration level is on the up-rise. So many software programs have no customer service or you spend hours trying to "find" an email or phone number--that does not help the frustration level--at all!!!!"

Pamela J.
Belvedere, SC
"I just downloaded your Ask & Record Toolbar and it is outstanding. I thank you so much. I will be back to purchase many other programs. "

George B.
Coeur d Alene, ID
"Quite apart from acknowledging your help with this specific question I want to thank you for your continuing support which has been incredibly prompt, clear and, thus, I should add, quite unusual in the world of software support."

Robert B.
"We truly appreciate your help in resolving this issue. We also are thankful for your loyalty to your past customers by offering a reduced price upgrade."

Jeff T.
Macomb, MI
"I can't say enough about your customer support. Keep it up. It's something you just don't see nowadays. Service and support...outstanding. "

Tony B.
Palm Bay, FL
"I appreciate the great customer service I receive every time I contact Applian Technologies. Thank you and specially your management!"

Mehrdad Samadi
Spokane, Washington
"For a corporation's customer support staff to respond so quickly to a question asked about a "FREE PRODUCT" is nothing short short of outstanding. Moreover you made a User's ability to find an answer to a question very facile. "

John H.
Westlake Village, CA
"Thank you very much for the quick response and help I got from you. I am very happy and satisfied with your support. If all the other support staff in the world are like your staff everybody will be happy. You are wonderful and thank you very much again."

Macoumba J.
Stockholm, Sweden
"Thanks to all involved for the quick responses to my case and for the timely resolution of this problem - especially since it was caused by Sirius."

Jeffrey S.
Akron, Ohio
"I cant even put into words how great your support is...I feel like you guys updated your replay av software just for me. I would recommend your products to anyone!!!"

Dan S.
Lockport, Illinois
"Thank you so very much for all your help and for being there to support me over the weekend and out-of-office hours,etc. A wonderful service."

Maresa C.
London, England
"Thank you for your most thorough and prompt reply. Applian Technologies, Inc. provides among the best customer support on earth!!!"

Steve C.
Grand Haven, Michigan
"It's working fine now. You've been very prompt with this - very impressive. Thanks again."

Ross W.
Ontario, Canada
"My thanks to the entire Applian team. You are all the best. Not only am I happy with my Replay Media program, I am ecstatic with the way you have handled my order situation, and equally impressed with your level of customer service."

Joe B.
Portland, Oregon
"Thanks for your speedy reply. It's nice to deal with a company that puts customer support first. This is the second time your company quickly answered my questions and solved problems. I'll be quick to recommend your software as well as checking your website whenever I go shopping. Applian Technologies: Home of the Rapid Reply. "

Grande Prairie, Alberta
"I have had 'Ask & Record' for some time now. I have to congratulate you on a superb piece of software, especially as it is completely FREE. "

John F.
Manchester,United Kingdom'
"Thank you so much, I just tested the new set up and it work great. I would like to thank you and every one there who worked on this problem. I realize mine was a single small voice among the many requests you receive for assistance and I truly appreciate the time spent to resolve the problem. Not only is your product excellent but I now have to say your level of customer service is surpassed by none. I have in the past ans will now continue to recommend you to others."

Brian S.
West Palm Beach, Florida
"Thanks once again. I am impressed not only with the rapid response but with the quality of the solutions. I am now able to enjoy the program."

Howard S.
Scottsdale, AZ
"I have never had to wait more than a day to receive a reply to my requests for help and everyone I have had the privilege to deal with has been very accommodating and professional. "

Brian S.
"I am very impressed. Fast, efficient and very polite customer support!"

Hampshire, UK
"For the little investment I put into this device I am getting great customer service and repairs long after the warranty would have expired on many products we purchase now a days. I appreciate it."

Alex B
"Thank you for the quick reply! Your software is great and your customer support is even better. I will tell all I the people I know of your great product. "

Stephen H
"Thank you very much for your quick and helpful assistance. I love RMC and Applian Technologies! If only more companies were as consumer-friendly as you guys are :-) "

"I want to comment how satisfied I am with all your great products. You have no competition. I have basically always been able to do anything I have wanted to do in audio and video thanks to Applian's products. I have always been answered promptly, and the issue resolved in the end with your support tickets. Even if I ask the question on weekends."

Ed G
"Wow! What customer service!"

Jim B.
"This has been by far and away the best tool for downloading various steams. I have tried numerous; most hardly work. Also very nice to have the fix flv utility included."

Joe J
"I purchased the suite and love it. It works great and I have to say I not only love your products, but customer service has been wonderful answering all my questions. I will definitely recommend these programs to others. "

Michelle P
"Thank you VERY MUCH! To me, this kind of thing separates the AMAZING companies from the, well, everybody else. I realize you DID NOT have to do this, which is what makes it all the more cool. Not a total shock though, considering how cool and friendly your software is. Again, THANKS. "

Bryan B
"Applian Support is the best I have ever seen by any software company, and any other, including Microsoft, and Verizon, and Yahoo etc."

Ed G
"I have been using Replay Music for a couple of years, and a few days ago I upgraded to Capture Suite. I just want to let you know how pleased I am! Your programs are easy to use, efficient, and provides me with all the tools needed to capture anything I want! I never thought I would write to any company out of gratitude of a product I have bought - but in you case I simply could not resist. I am that happy with your products!"

Martin Ö
"I would like to thanks everyone that helped me. You guys have been wonderful and wish all companies had support staffs like this."

Richard G
"Thanks to everyone who helped with this. If you have a department that receives kudos and passes them on, please see that everyone that needs to sees this. Everything worked great. I've needed support in the past and it's always been good. No exception this time either. Love the product and support. Thanks!"

Michael K
"I would just like to pen a quick note to thank you and your staff for one of the few positive encounters I have had on the net. When you get to my age, you expect the worst, and are seldom disappointed. But in dealing with your staff I found them to be helpful, courteous and professional, you may be assured that finding all three at the same time, is not as common as it once was. Many thanks to all the people who I spoke to. "

Henry P
"I would like to take this opportunity of saying how good all your software, and your support, is. I wish all my suppliers were as good! "

Ted W
"I wish to extend to you my sincere thanks for sharing your enthusiasm, support, talents and technology with the community. Over the years and today, you all have and continue to develop great products and provide outstanding customer service. And I'm sure with all the community support, you all will continue to do well into the future."

Renee P
Richmond, VA
"Not only does the product work amazingly well (especially for someone like me who is technically challenged), but your customer service is above and beyond. So many companies could learn a LOT from you! I'm a customer for life! "

Shirley C
" Not only are the individual products the best of their kind, but the suite meets virtually every audio/video download and capture need of a casual user to a graphic/audio professional, all in one package - at an unbeatable price. "

Gary M
"To Everybody at Applian Technologies. Just a THANK YOU for the best software I am using in the world. BTW the little prayer is for the entire team to stay together. What a team."

Alfie C
"May I say your service is unbelievable, I pay over $100,000 a quarter to McAfee for support, and yours is 1000 times better than theirs."

Craig K
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
"Thank you SO very much for your diligence in resolving the problem. As I alluded to earlier, I've been a satisfied user of Replay Music for some four years now, as well as Replay Video Capture for two, but the customer service and support you've just provided is what stands out the most. "

George H
"I am a 86 year old legally man. I have three of your great programs. Replay Convertor, Replay AV and Replay Video Capture. Even with my eye problem they are easy to use and have helped me enjoy my computer. I Thank You. I would also like to thank your support team. I have asked for help two or three times and have had a quick reply and fix. I want to thank the support team."

Bill D
"Thanks for GREAT customer support. You guys/gals truly provide great products and even better after-the-sale support. Will be using your products until I croak and if I have a heavenly internet connection, even then. "

"Thanks again for your prompt attention. That is most refreshing. "

Jim H
La Quinta, CA
"I love all my Applian products!!!"

Robert D
"Wanted to say Thank You. I was well overdue for upgrades to most of the individual package in Director. Thank you very much for the product install improvements. Great product package!"

J Meyer
"YOU ROCK!! The Replay Software is... MAGIC! cheers"

"I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to inexpensively upgrade. I was sitting here trying to figure out what program to use to capture streams and I remembered purchasing your product years ago. I put in my email address and voila I was eligible for a VERY reasonable upgrade. My hat is off to you and I will recommend your product highly."

Tim Y
"Just happy to have the support team at Applian respond, as usual, in a helpful and efficient manner, so rare these days. "

David M
"Applian products are great and the support even better! "

Robert B
Ft. Lauderdale
"It's rare to receive this kind of tech support, especially via messaging. Your company has thought through these issues well, and eliminated simple problems without the delays. "

Dave H
Union Grove, WI
"Gotta congratulate all of you in customer service – such a relief to be able to get HELP!! when one wants HELP!!"

"Replay Capture Suite frankly exceeded my first-use-ever expectations in easily and flawlessly capturing UTube videos. In this case, it was for class presentation in a graduate level education course. Well Done! Keep ‘Em Flying. "

Arthur E
Ellicott City, MD
" I've been using the Replay suite of programmes for over 10 years and they just seem to get better and easier to use. The most recent version is terrific and although I had a problem with Replay Media Catcher, the team at Applian fixed it with speed, professionalism and with friendly interaction (very helpful for a non-computer literate person). Thanks to all concerned, and keep up the brilliant work! "

"I just want to say I am totally impressed with the Replay Media Capture program and just installed the Replay Media Splitter program and it too is really impressive. I will install a few of the others in the suite after I get fully familiar with the other two. I am so glad to run into your company's products as they are professionally designed , intuitive, and your support is second to none. It really was icing on the cake when I inquired about a discount and you offered a better deal than I asked for. I wish other companies were even one half as professional, responsive and courteous as yours. My sincerest appreciation to see there are still people out there who make doing business a pleasure, and there are still people/companies like yours around.... Thanks for your work! "

Dave T
San Diego California
"The Applian suite of products is a tremenous tool. Each part is user friendly and does its job extremely well. It made it possible for us to broadcast our live newscast entirely produced by 4th and 5th grade students. As a Mac user, i am eager to get the Mac versions. Thanks and keep up the great work!"

"I wanted to thank everyone in customer support for such good service. If only all software vendors would give such service! I couldn't be more pleased and wanted to let you know."

William C
Cambria, CA
"Used the program and another from your company to record an online movie and create a DVD just so I could view it at night without the continuing interrupts from a bad internet connection. We really enjoyed the online movie. Thanks for your great programs!! "

Honolulu, HI
"I'm loving the Applian Replay Suite! Applian is pretty much the standard of the industry, or at least it should be. It succeeds where everything else fails. Thanks for all you do! "

Los Angeles, CA
"Thank you very much for the quick reponse. Great service !!! "

Henri L
Belgium Tervuren
"I just want to thank you guys at Applian for providing such brilliant support for such a fantastic product range. I have been using your full suite of tools for years now and have found all my queries answered both promptly and satisfactorily. You have always been honest in your responses and kept me up to date with progress on any issues. I will certainly continue recommending your software to others."

Nigel H.