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Upgrade Policy

Applian's Policy on Upgrades and Updates

As a small company that is customer focused we listen to you, our customer, when you share your feedback with us. We want to treat you fairly when it comes to pricing our products. With that in mind we want to share with you our update and upgrade policy. We believe that this is a fair approach to offering our software.

Applian product Updates within the purchased version are free for all of our programs for one full year from purchase.

If we do a major overhaul to a product that is reflected in a version change we may charge a nominal Upgrade fee which is optional to the user.

We will attempt to send a message to all users prior to an Upgrade informing you of the upgrade features, costs and information on how to upgrade your product. Let us explain the reason why we would charge for an upgrade. Unlike the daily costs associated with maintaining our products, there are significant development costs involved in producing a major upgrade to a product. An upgraded product will offer enhanced features and functionality that earlier versions may not. We look to share these costs with our customer base so that we can maintain the great performance that you expect not only now but in the future.

As a stand alone product owner you will be advised when an upgrade is coming - and given the option to pay for the upgrade should you choose. Owners who purchase a product within 30 days of the upgrade are exempt from the upgrade fee.

Replay Capture Suite owners who purchase the suite within 6 months of the upgrade will not be required to pay an upgrade fee. This optional upgrade applies to products that are in the Replay Capture Suite at the time of purchase. If we add a new product to the Replay Capture Suite, there will be a nominal fee for existing Suite owners to purchase that product. The fee will be waived if the Suite purchase date is within 30 days of the new product release. New programs will be offered to Replay Capture Suite owners at a discounted rate.

We appreciate your business and support and we hope you will continue to provide great feedback on our products and fabulous customer service.