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Video Padlock

Video Padlock

With this simple and easy software, you can have total peace of mind that your personal information never falls into the wrong hands.

Video Padlock

Video Padlock

  • Best For: Securely Encrypting Your Personal Videos and Files
  • System Requirements: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • Also Included in the Replay Capture Suite

Keep Your Personal Videos and Files Private

icon Protect your personal security. Video Padlock is the best tool for safeguarding your personal videos. You can use this software to encrypt all kinds of files, no matter it’s size, format or resolution.

icon Instant playback. This powerful encryption software allows for instant playback whatever device you’re using.

icon 128-bit security. Video Padlock uses military grade security coding to protect your video files and hide them from other users.

icon Works with photos, videos & files. Secure multiple files quickly and easy – including videos, audios, photos, documents and lots more!

icon One safe password . Once you’ve created a master password, it’s quick and easy to unlock your files and lock them back up again when you’re done.

Video Padlock is the most convenient way to protect your privacy and securely lock video files on your PC. Simply choose video files to encrypt, and they become available only in Video Padlock, protected by a master password you enter once at the start of each session.

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Instant Playback FAST!

Only Video Padlock has Instant Playback. Just select a video, then click Play to watch it immediately using your preferred Video Player. Other encryption programs may take minutes to decrypt large movie files. Video Padlock will play huge video files right away with no delay.

Screen Capture Videos


Add several layers of security to your videos with personal video encryption. Video Padlock encrypts files with ultra-secure 128 bit ARC4 encryption, the standard process used by governments and industries around the world. Video Padlock can also be used to protect audio or any other file type with this robust security.

Password Protect Your Video Files For Free

Try Video Padlock FREE. The free demo is fully functional so that you can try all of the features. You can have up to two files encrypted at any one time in Demo Mode. Once you order the full version, encrypt as many files as you like.

Video Padlock

Ready to buy? Go Get It!

Ready to Buy? Video Padlock comes with a no-questions asked 30-day money back guarantee