Here's what people are saying about Replay Media Catcher

"I purchased Replay Media Catcher this morning and would just like to say thanks a lot for such a superb program! "

Terry D.
"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Replay Media Catcher works great. You guys are awesome! I'm going to buy it right now! "

Bill H.
"Thanks again for the quick response time and great software. Keep up the good work. "

Raymond P.
"Between these applications (WM Recorder, WM Capture, Replay Media Catcher) one can record anything from the net. "

"Replay Media Catcher is the best program out there to record from! I'm very happy with your software! Thanks! "

Humberto G.
Dallas, TX
"Bravo to you and to your team for fixing this problem so quickly. Your prompt and helpful reply to my earlier request was impressive enough but to have this excellent medium restored - is really very welcome. I had not realized just how much I rely on your product to maintain my extensive enjoyment of broadcasted programs - at a time and place of my choosing. "

Nick B.
Ilminster, Somerset, England
"I researched and found a program that claimed it could download videos from "millions of popular site" and that "all media from Flash and Windows Media servers can be recorded". This program is REPLAY MEDIA CATCHER. Once downloaded this program will open up in 4 seconds, ready for action. This is a very small program with powerful features that act fast. It is extremely easy to operate. From my very own personal experience I can attest that the TECH HELP service at Applian Technologies is first class all the way. In fact, they go out of their way to ensure you have no problems operating any of their programs. If you want to download video or MP3 files, this is the program that you need. "

Gregory West, SCUG Editor
"Thanks a bunch - excellent service AND a great program! "

Brian B.
Alicante, Spain
"I have tried many, many, many demo programs. This software is by far the best I have ever come across. Simple to use; very easy to understand web help and absolutely the best suite i have ever seen. I will definitely purchase this software and I strongly recommend this to any user that wishes to capture any streamed music or video. "

Paul A.
Adelaide, Australia
"Just finished downloading and installing the FLV player. Took less than 6 minutes from nothing to playing a FLV media file. Just great !!!. Keep up the good work. Will definitely appreciate being in the company of professionals like you guys."

Trevor R.
Champs Fleurs,Trinidad & Tobago
"Replay Media Catcher is great! Thanks again for your fast reply and great customer support, as well as the great products your company puts out. "

Phil S.
Onalaska, Texas
"I simply want to say that I think that your products are absolutely some of the best software that I have ever used. Convenient, easy to use and install and extremely efficient. I have two of your products and have had for some time. I recommend your products to everyone that I know. Excellent products. "

Troy H.
Sacramento, CA
"WOW! Fantastic customer experience & service! Working at the end-user level in the technology industry, myself, I have high expectations for myself & for those with whom I work or whose products I support. You have been superb!"

Vaughn V
"Replay Media Catcher is so good and I download many video/audio files from the net. You have great product, the best product I ever used. Based on at least couple of years of experience with it and very heavy use of it. I must have downloaded thousands of files with it and never had problem. Replay Media Catcher is the best as it is most robust, reliable, and versatile of all. "

Pramod W
Freehold, New Jersey
"Replay Media Capture 4 is a great step forward for this program. Very good work by your company, congratulations. I would like to give your company a big compliment for this great software and your really fast and very kindly customer support."

Oliver W.
Lübeck, Germany
"Many thanks for your prompt attention to this matter. One becomes so used to bad online customer service it's a real pleasure to find an organization such as yours that treats the customer properly. Even if their questions and problems are foolish and/or premature. "

Olga M.
"I was very satisfied with version 3, but I'm glad I upgraded to version 4. Great job folks! Thanks."

Len N.
"I just wanted to express my pleasure with your Replay Media 4 software product For 3 days I searched for something that would allow me to save youtube video. Your product is simple and easy to use and most importantly the level is high quality."

Paul J
"What a fantastic program! This is so easy to use, produces perfect videos and never fails to impress. I have tried other video capture programs,this is by far the best without doubt! I am having so much fun using this, I hardly switch off my pc! Thanks a million."

Russ H
"You guys have the most awesome customer service of any company anywhere! Instant responses and perfect service."

William H.
Austin, TX
"Your attention to your customers is far and above what is usually delivered by most businesses these days. "

Russell C.
Prescott, AZ
"You are brilliant. Answered my question within a few hours, professional service. I look forward to learning how to use the whole suite of programs. Fantastic customer service."

Blair H
Live Brisbane, Australia
"Thanks for the great ongoing prompt fixit service that you/Applian Technologies has been providing me, always! "

Medford, Oregon, USA
"I'm really loving the Replay Media Catcher v4 Upgrade. The new features are fantastic. I am very pleased with your customer service and tech support response. It was immaculate, the way you expedited your response to my inquiry and stayed with me until the problem was solved. That is another means of great importance for me. And that will keep me as a returning satisfied customer."

Wayne S.
Sacramento, CA
"I have always been pleased with the software I have purchased and certainly with the after sales and customer assistance."

David M
Romford UK
"You were very patient, provided excellent directions in working to solve the problem. Your customer support is excellent and that simply matches your great product. Keep it up! "

David D
"Great product, I'm just overjoyed with it. It's the best thing ever!"

Harry H
District Heights, MD
"Thanks for all your wonderful, prompt and comprehensive support service. You guys (and presumably girls) are wonderful."

"The download capability has greatly sped up our capturing process which is what makes Replay Media Catcher the most attractive product to use. "

Tyler C.
San Francisco, CA
"Throughout my experience with Applian your technical support and customer service has always been second to none!"

Sue S
East Yorkshire, UK.
"I'm just so spoiled since you've made Replay Media Catcher so smart that I rarely have to use RVC. You guys are so cool!"

Mladen R
St. Albert, AB, Canada
"Thank you for your support. In these days and times of corporate laissez-faire, it's nice to do business with a company that has superlative customer service. "

"I just want to say thank you for your Media Catcher 4. I never have anyproblems with the program and your support that I never use. I am sure is outstanding."

Brian L
"Replay Media Catcher is such a good program. It does what it's supposed to, without any hassle. Keep up the good work. "

Dag Ove V
"Clearing the cache appears to have solved the problem..Thank You very much for all your time and help Jeff..You have what i consider to be the best downloader and media converter available..Your support service is top notch,as is your product..Just the other day i told a Best Buy service tech about your products,how great all the features are,and how great your products are overall..This was after he tried recommending another media converter...I told him i already have the best :)"

Lewis C
"I'm infinitely grateful for your help and support! Replay Media Catcher is still my favorite program on my PC, and so I can't wait to upgrade to version 5 (which will hopefully been released soon."

Mark B
Magdeburg”, Germany
"Thank you for helping me with this! I really appreciate it and I can get back to building my running-playlists in my iPod. Awesome tech support!"

Ridgewood, NJ
"Great job, love it."

Mike H
"I've used Replay Media Catcher for the last two years, and have received exceptional support. When I went to upgrade to 5.x, I had the option of buying the Suite, for a great price. This is an excellent suite, just about everything I would need regarding media on the net. I'm using Replay Media Catcher 5 as a media browser now, which I never expected. This is excellent, great job!"

Dan C
" I absolutely LOVE this program!!!! It is fabulous and I'd rate it a 25 on a scale of 1 to 10."

Grand Rapids, Michigan
"Wow, I am so delighted with the latest version upgrade - quick downloading, easier to use, handles more types of downloads with ease. Not to mention the online customer service -- extremely helpful and courteous. And, that's just for Replay Media Catcher. I can't wait to use the other items in Replay Capture Suite. Cheers to your staff for a job well done!"

Theresa J
Glastonbury, Connecticut
"Replay Media Catcheris the only one that works consistently on everything I've tried and they even effectively records streaming media from Australia's 2 national broadcasters and . They often show good stuff but the best stuff is streamed in some format that other programs I've bought cannot cope with. I've also tried out several other software on a try before buy basis and none of them could do it. Thanks again for a great product!"

"I am always impressed and gratified by the speed and efficiency of your Technical Support. Many Thanks."

Michael M
"I just upgraded and find both products to be great as I have been a long time customer. I especially like the new features in Replay Media Capture."

Clifford D.
Florence, Kentucky
"I was having a problem downloading YouTube videos and used your trouble shooting wizard that walked me through all the tests and it worked perfectly. You did a very nice job creating that. It is one of the best I have ever seen. Thanks for the support on a great product. "

Middletown, CT
" I do want to share with you, every time, every single time I have required assistance with your software somebody from your company has helped me work through the problem. Your program is only one of two programs that I bother to load up Windows to use. As long as you guys keep up with the excellent products I will not look for any Apple counterpart to your product offerings. I would gladly and highly recommend your company's line of products to anybody and everybody."

Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA
"Really appreciate your work at Applian all along. As you are aware of the reality, please keep up with your good work and develop your strong software program to be able to always catch particularly YouTube at any time and by all means. Be sure to catch YouTube and beat YouTube at all cost no matter what happens in future. Millions of users around world including me will count on your support. Thank you for your good service and state of the art product as always. "

San Antonio, Texas
"I highly appreciate your patient and attitude towards support. I understand any software could have some technical issues due to so many reasons and I personally do not under rate the software for some issue. All such issues have no meaning if the customer support is helpful. In this case your support was excellent and persuaded me to continue to use this package and recommend to others"

Sydney, State NSW, Australia
"Thank you so much for your support and good advice. Now it works perfectly! I will not only recommend your products, more over i will recommend your outstanding customer support! Thank you once again."

Christian D. M
"Also, a special thanks for your careful, clear, and detailed instructions. Most people do not take the time and concern to make sure that their instructions are perfectly clear and correct. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to work out a fix when the person providing the help leaves out a step or is not clear in the instructions. You certainly have taken care of that problem! Your exact and detailed instructions allowed me to get the fix working in about a minute! This is so gratifying after the hours that I have spent on attempts to fix it. For all your work and exactness, here is a big THANKS"

Three Forks, Montan

Marcel L
Donna, TX
"I am 82 and this is the very best of the best in downloading videos.I get great pleasure out of getting videos to watch , and with such ease. thank you replay media catcher and also for the updates. for ever grateful."

Queensland, Australia
"I purchased the upgrade and I Love replay media capture 6. Thanks for the marvelous upgrade!"

Salisbury, Maryland
"You have been most helpful, quick & to the point... Very good customer support. Thanks "

Melbourne, Victoria
" Your software is very clever so thank you once again to all of your team who have clearly worked very hard to create such a great set of programs. I genuinely think your software in genius and I particularly love the new URL feature where you can copy and paste a URL in the window and it just finds the relevant file. That’s so elegant."

Stephen C
London, England
"I have been one your customers for a long..long time!....just got my complete Applian Package and let me tell you! guys hitted out of the park!....Congratulations!...what a great product! Replay Recorder I have seen over the years. Really having a lot of fun with it!!...Thanks a million!...great job!"

Rigoberto C

"I purchased your Replay Media Catcher6 product a while ago, but I rarely get a chance to use it. Recently I saw part 2 of a Doco on TV that I knew my brother would really like to view. So I used your software and I got both parts off the 'net and today I burned them to DVD. Thanks for the great product!"

Melbourne, Australia
"Replay Media Catcher 6 has made that product much more stable. I want to thank you for all your help - and prompt responses."

Randy W
Cherry Hill, NJ.
"Brilliant – love it. Thanks"

Paul H
London, England
"Your Support Staff must be the best online!! I never cease to be impressed by the friendly, helpful service. The program itself is fantastic."

James R
AYR Scotland
"I am continuing to love Applian Replay Media Catcher! The more I use it, the more I like it. There is almost no sound or video file I can't .... retain on my hard drive. My philosophy is that if I can see it or hear it, then it resides on my PC. If it resides on my PC, then it's mine. And Applian helps me put that philosophy into action. Thanks again for a fantastic product!"

Vic B
"I really love it, as a dj it's invaluable to me thanks! "

Delaney B
"Just like to say how good Replay Media Catcher is. Thanks to Replay Media Catcher BBC is safely recorded on my laptop so I can watch it anywhere without auntie deciding otherwise. "

"I just downloaded your new Replay Media Catcher software. I was expecting some minor changes from the level I was using. The difference is UNBELIEVABLE!! Outstanding job and thanks for the good price to upgrade. Bruce"

Bruce K.
"I would be remiss if I failed to tell you that of all the programs I have purchased over the last 35 or so years, I feel you have been one of the best tech service I have had. Thanks so much for always being helpful."

Robert H
Mesa, Arizona
"I would be remiss if I failed to tell you that of all the programs I have purchased over the last 35 or so years, I feel you have been one of the best tech service I have had. Thanks so much for always being helpful."

Robert H
Mesa, Arizona

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