Here's what people are saying about Replay Music

"Just wanted to say that Replay Music is a fantastic program. "

"You guys are great. I purchased several products from you and I must say this is one more great product. Good job. "

Fred M.
"Replay Music is the best software product I have ever used. Keep up the great work. "

Andrew B.
"I have tried everything out there, from Freeware to Shareware, and you out did them all. It would have taken me three programs to do what Replay Music does and Replay music even does it better! "

Brian L.
"Many thanks for the accurate and timely guidance you have given me. I am very pleased with the software and will purchase it. "

Uri H.
"I just wanted to say that Replay Music is amazing! It works well with my screen reader, and is the best product I've found for recording music. The recording quality is unlike anything I've yet come across. Please keep up the excellent work. "

"My compliments on a great product.

Easy to use & very practical way of capturing music & such."

Frank P.
"Best Program I have EVER used! I don't know how you did it, but man, AWESOME! "

Scott H.
"I am extremely pleased with my purchase of Replay Music. I am also impressed with the level of courtesy that was shown to me. I will definitely recommend your software to all of my friends. "

Chris P.
"SUCCESS! Thank you SO much for your extremely fast and helpful assistance! "

Eric F.
Punxsutawney, PA
"I normally don't go out of my way to refer products but I have been so satisfied with Replay Music that I have turned my friends and coworkers onto your products. "

Scott G.
"Downloaded latest version and activated.

GREAT program!



Ernie S.
"I thought I'd send a quick note on how GREAT your software is. Wishing you continued success. "

Bill K.
Clarksburg, MD
"All of the apps we reviewed for this story do a solid job of recording streaming audio, but our Editors Choice winner, Replay Music, goes far beyond the norm. Replay can record streamed songs from most applications, break them into individual files (either as WAV or 128- to 300- Kbps MP3 files) and even tag then with the correct song and artist info..."

P.C Magazine Editors Choice
"Your software is awesome! "

Greg M
"I bought a registered copy of your Replay Music software yesterday and I have to say I'm very pleased with it. Well done! "

"I think this software is amazing. "

"You have a great product. A software product that really works - I am impressed. Thank you."

"This is one of the coolest, most useful software programs I have ever purchased. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. "

Mike M.
"Replay Music is fantastic. It has abilities you don't even advertise. I was finally able to convert my DVD Audio albums to MP3. Thanks for the great product. "

"Best money I've spent on a program in a long time. Highly recommended! "

Stu S.
"I will most certainly tell my friends all about your web site and good products. "

George D.
"Easily record streaming music from your favorite online radio station or streaming music service."
"I'm still impressed as ever with Replay Music and use it frequently with Rhapsody and other online music sources. Keep up the great work"

Eric F.
Punxsutawney, PA
"I found a free download (demo) of your product Replay Music and I think it's great! It worked the first time and I can see that it's working, so no more listening to a dozen test files to figure out what's going on. Really great. I'll buy this one for sure!"

Greenville, SC
"Terrific customer service and terrific software!"

Martin R.
Knoxville, Tennessee
" I was just about to ask for a feature that would let you edit a list of previously recorded tracks that didn't get tagged properly. Using RM to correctly name music files is is labor intensive, but not nearly as labor intensive as NOT using RM to do it. I've left the program running for days to match up a saved playlist with the untagged files so I wouldn't have to adjust the file properties by hand in Windows. I was just thinking it would be so much better if we could go back to a group of files to make changes, perhaps after a mandatory system reboot. Now I see that someone already did this with the Record Session feature, so thank you! "

William B.
Kittery, Maine
"I'd just like to say that I can't thank you at Applian enough for inventing replay music. For years I had been looking for an accessible program to record streaming audio, and replay music is definitely it. The recording quality is the best I've ever heard. Keep up the excellent work. Your product is truly remarkable. "

Matthew S.
Austin, TX
"When I was looking to record music, I tried more than several programs (some of which didn't work) and settled on yours. It works, as advertised, and wonder how I got along without it. "

Ernest V.
Centralia, WA
"Didn't see a place to say WOW! Using Windows 7 and this Replay Music Program is WOW! Your customer service gets a 10+. I ordered 2 many copies because my browser crashed and Customer Support was there in a day to ask if it was a mistake and refunded the purchase prices, WOW! A Rarity for sure. Thanks so much for creating this excellent program. "

Stephen G
"Great prompt customer service. I think I'll look at Applians other offerings because I like your service. "

Thomas A.
"I have to say that I love your product Replay Music and it is the best bang for the buck that there is. I can't believe I'm saying this, but you guys should probably charge more for it or perhaps employ an annual renewal fee of some kind, doesn't need to be large just something to more fully reward your fine efforts."

Eric K
Orem, Utah
"After using Replay Music for a few days, I want to express my full satisfaction with it. It is an unusually well thought and well designed product, that hides under a simple hood an impressive level of sophistication. Congratulations, and thanks."

Little Rock, Ak
"I've been using your replay music since 2007 since I was 20, your product is simply amazing, something so simple is a life changing experience to be able to record and upload to my mp3 progressive, chillout, trance and psychill that's simply free livestream in the first place that is a music genre never before available to humans and will never be patented for sale because of the random and diverse frequency patterns. Communication has been key to all civilizations, there is no higher limit than 186k mph the speed of light through fiber optics, contributions through technology make civilization ever more peaceful and intelligent, applian has surely contributed its part to bettering peoples lives through giving them their music on the go and to keep forever. "

Jason W
"It is a real pleasure to deal with someone that takes their job seriously and does it well."

Carl V T
Paris, France
"Just want to pass on my thanks for her diligence and excellent instructions for remedying my problem, which I unfortunately did not grasp correctly. I now have upgrade version 4.05 installed, and thanks to Cheryl, my audio recording problem has been resolved. Replay Music 4.05 is now working great without any problem!"

Bernie K
"I am very impress with the customer service that you have."

"Many thanks and thanks not only for solving the problem but for your professional, clear and concise instructions. One very satisfied customer which is worth a thousand times a disgruntled one. You did a great job, and as a musician I really appreciate it."

Clement P
"Props to the Tech. department, good job. Thank you Cheryl and thank you Applian. Cheryl pass this on to your boss, you did a great job in helping an old customer solve the problem promptly and with good advice. In the end your entire team worked it out. "

"It's such a great program. I really didn't want to lose it and now you've shown that your tech. support is the best also."

Peter C
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, U.K
"Wow, this new one really is right on getting the titles.No more copy and paste. Big thumbs up to everyone there."

Phillip E
"Your customer support is second to none. Many, many thanks. If you are the boss give yourself a raise in salary if you are not the boss tell him/her I said you deserve one."

Jack R
Hampshire, England
"The level of customer service here continues to please me. When I opened the ticket on the weekend, I had a reply within minutes. I appreciate that very much. Thanks again."

James E
"Thanks so much for figuring out the problem and helping me check the results. Really appreciate it."

Jay R
Austin, TX
"I bought Replay Music three months ago and can't stop using it. I use it every single day. It's a great program at a great price and it's really easy to use!"

Cleveland, OH
"I am upgrading to the replay music 5. I love your products and recommend them to many of my friends and colleagues. Keep up the good work on bringing great recording products to the consumer like me. "

"I have used Replay Music for several years and I am so amazed by your product - so stable, so useful. Also, free or cheap upgrades are a major plus. Keep doing what you are doing! "

Edinburgh, Scotland

Rick H
"Thanks for version 7 of Replay Music. Been using the program since version 3. This time you really, really, really hit the spot. Works great. It recognizes almost everything and in case a song has too long of silence within, just click on "combine". "

Christian L.
Hamburg, Germany
" I used Replay Music every single day of my life !!! :) You guys have the best support ever!!! "

Bradley N
Cleveland, OH
"I spent $9.95 to upgrade to Replay Music 7. That was the best $9.95 I have spent in, can't remember when. Replay Music 7 is so vastly superior to Replay Music 4. All I had to do was press the RECORD and STOP Buttons and I had a folder with music that was properly tagged. Amazing!! It even sorted out the ads."

Ron G
Mc Cormick, SC
"It's fandabidozi,the best there is."

John L
Glasgow. Scotland
"I am enjoying it fine! I love it!"

Bud F
Mountain View, Arkansas
"Fantastic software--Very easy to use-I am recommending it by an email to the 400 Pharmacists that I have worked with in my Pharmacy Chain. Keep producing great software!"

Vincent P
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
"Best of all is your quick response to support queries."

London, England
"Its a great product, I use it to record my radio show. I also want to thank your company for putting up my radio show in the radio guide. Thanks."

Farmington Hills, MI.
"Your programs are very useful, easy to use and I greatly enjoy them. I am telling my friends."

Isaac R
"Thank you so much for helping and for taking time with me As I said in my years of using this software and dealing with people at your company, I am so impressed and encouraged by the experience. You have a great culture there."

Bob P
Kansas, MO
"Have been a long time user of your software, over 15 years, and still enjoy. Many Thanks"

Marty H
Vancouver, Canada