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Customer Service FAQ

Do I Qualify for Upgrade Deals?

If you already own one Applian product you can get a great deal on the Replay Capture Suite or other products. Go to the upgrades page to learn more.

Where can I re-download my software?

All Applian Technologies software is available for download from the main downloads page. You may re-download as often as you wish.

I've lost my activation code. How can I retrieve it?

Note: You must enter the same email address you used when ordering the software.

If this form doesn't work for you, please contact Customer Service to request assistance from one of our awesome human beings.

What are your Payment Options?

Applian Technologies accepts Credit Cards and PayPal.

credit cards

For all orders, please note:

Applian Technologies Secure Ordering - 100% Secure Purchase
The order process is protected through a secure connection. Your personal data is encrypted and cannot be accessed by a third party. We do not record your credit card information.

Orders are processed by PayPal.

Do you have Mac products?

Yes we do! Click here to see all Applian software for Mac.

Can I use my software on more than one PC?

Applian software is licensed one copy per PC, but we do offer great discounts on second copies. Go to the upgrades page to learn more.

What is your upgrade and update policy?

Click here to read Applian's policy on Upgrades and Updates.

How do I Reset my Activation Codes?

Occasionally you may need to erase activation codes from your PC to reregister a product. Use the Clear Activation Code Utility for this purpose.

Does Applian offer telephone support?

Our online help desk allows customers the opportunity to correspond directly with our program developers and on-staff technical experts. Applian does not provide technical support by phone. This would be incredibly expensive and would increase the cost of our products dramatically. So in effort to keep our products priced low, we provide excellent support via our help desk. An on-staff customer support representative will respond to your questions in less than 24 hours. Please allow a little more time on weekends.

For technical support select your product from this page for a contact link.

For non-technical customer service, general questions, contact us here.

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For help using your Applian software, start at the Technical Support page and pick your product.

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