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How to Convert SoundCloud Media to MP3

A step-by-step guide for converting anything on SoundCloud to MP3 with Replay Media Catcher for Windows or Replay Music for Mac, so you can listen to it and enjoy it later.

How to Convert SoundCloud Media to MP3

SoundCloud is the world’s leading social sound platform where anyone can create sounds and share them everywhere.

You can easily download and save Soundcloud to MP3. Our best-in-class online video downloader, Replay Media Catcher for Windows is ideal for capturing all kinds of online media, especially great for saving SoundCloud files as MP3's on your PC or mobile device.

Got a Mac? Replay Music for Mac is your solution for downloading and tagging songs from SoundCloud.

How to Guide: How to Convert SoundCloud to MP3

Downloading SoundCloud files and saving them as easily shareable MP3's is super easy. Grab the song you want in a matter of seconds. Select PC or Mac below and we'll show you how:

  1. Download and install Replay Media Catcher.
  2. You'll use the Stream Downloader method to capture from SoundCloud.
  3. You must start monitoring BEFORE you watch or listen to media that you want to capture. First, make sure that the capture method at the top right is set to Stream Downloader, as seen below. Click on the AUTO switch before browsing to the media you want to capture. Once clicked, the AUTO switch will slide right and turn green.
    auto on
  4. Now Just play a song in SoundCloud. Replay Media Catcher will download it in seconds and save it as an MP3.
  5. In some cases SoundCloud will serve a stream in a different format. You can easily convert these to MP3's directly within Replay Media Catcher. Either set the conversion setting to MP3, or Right-Click on any track you've downloaded and select convert.


  1. Download and install Replay Music for Mac.
  2. Switch on Replay Music.
  3. Now head on over to SoundCloud and play a song! Replay Music will download it and tag it. and save the track as an MP3. You can also switch on the Add to iTunes feature and your tracks will automatically import into iTunes for you!



Replay Media Catcher for Windows
  • Downloads streaming audio and video.
  • Huge Media Guides.
  • Powerful Converter.
  • Easy to use.


Replay Music for Mac

  • Music downloader.
  • Saves music as MP3
  • Seperates tracks.
  • Identifies and tags songs.


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